PRE-ORDER Frankincense Beauty Balm

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PRE-ORDER Frankincense Beauty Balm


A divine beauty balm to ease inflammation, clear breakouts, hydrate the skin, and reduce fine lines. This balm is highly concentrated, deeply penetrating, and truly healing. A vehicle for everything your skin needs: Vitamin A (from Rosehip Seed, Maracuja, and Carrot Seed) for increased collagen production, cell turnover, and reduced hyper pigmentation; Vitamin C & E (from Argan, Marula, and Sea Buckthorn Berry) for antioxidant protection from free-radicals, reduced inflammation, and efficient healing; Essential Fatty Acids (from Frankincense and Calendula) for deep skin nourishment; Anti-Inflammatories; and Cellular Hydration (from Chia Seed and Shea Butter). This balm goes even deeper to address the energetic issues underlying skin issues with the inclusion of Clear Quartz Essence. Clear Quartz, known as the Master Healer, has the ability to cleanse, balance, and activate all energy centers in the body.

Formulated for all skin types.

Multi-Purpose: Can be used as a creme cleanser, daily moisturizer, under-eye treatment, night-time hydration treatment, non-toxic perfume/deodorant, or to nourish and hydrate skin wherever your body may need the extra love. 

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***This is a pre-order item. It is scheduled to ship via USPS Priority by June 11.

Ingredients: Sun Potion Shea Butter**, Rosehip Seed Oil**, Argan Oil*, Maracuja (Passion Fruit) Seed Oil**, Marula Oil**, Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil*, Carrot Seed Oil**, Frankincense Essential Oil**, Chia Seed CO2 Extract*, Rosehip Seed CO2 Extract*, Calendula CO2 Extract*, Clear Quartz Essence. (*organic, **ethically and sustainably wild-crafted)

"THANK YOU for this wonderful concoction. The frankincense balm has COMPLETELY changed my life. Having sensitive + extremely dry skin has been a struggle over the years and I had given up on moisturizing completely... This magic goo has brightened my skin which led to brightening my smile. I've always felt like hiding my face, I had become reclusive because of my skin. I am eternally grateful for your perfected product <3 I'll forever support your business!" - Julianna


"I am so so happy to see these back in stock!! I've tried a ridiculous number of treatments, masks, moisturizers, serums, etc to balance my breakouts and dry skin with not much luck... This balm always makes my skin feel so yummy." - Laura


"THE BEST!" - Priscilla


"OH.EM.GEE. This balm. I have been using it for the past 3 weeks and it is the most amazing skincare product that has ever graced my face. If you’re like me and you love Frankincense, this balm is definitely for you. This rich and potent face balm smells absolutely divine, grounding yet elevating. As soon as I open the jar and my nose catches the first whiff of its divine scent, the mindless chatter in my brain draws to a halt, and my energy body vibrates and magnifies. My crown and third-eye tingles; my senses heighten. It is truly magical. I often hold the jar up to my nose and spend precious moments inhaling it, I simply cannot get enough of its alluring and addictive scent. Rich in nourishing oils, I anoint my skin with the tiniest pea-sized amount and awake the following morning with soft, plump skin. It is pure love. Loren has created this jar of magical golden goodness with pure love, deep intention and sacred spirit. There is no denying that this beautiful face balm has gone beyond healing my skin. It has also soothed and nurtured my spirit, helping me to connect deeper with my intuitive wisdom. Energy is real, and energy healing even more, and this face balm is an absolute testimony to that." - Clare


"My skin is so grateful to you. This is really the best product I've ever used. I've always had problem skin and I haven't had an issue since I started using your beauty balm regularly! Thank you thank you thank you!" - Paula


"I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE this beauty balm! I shared some with my sister tonight and now she's obsessed!" - Kaylyn


"The product is absolutely wonderful! I store it in the fridge, and my skin started to recognize all the ingredients. Now I can't go out without it!" - Cecilia


"I was just noticing the amazing change in my skin since I started using the balm- can't wait for my new big jar to arrive!" - Laura


"I just tried the beauty balm tonight and I'm already obsessed! I've always been afraid to try oils on my face, but it doesn't feel oily and it absorbed right away! And it smells AMAZING! My face is definitely in need of some healing ingredients so I'm so glad you're so talented and have created such an amazing product!" - Sami