photo by Austin Ferguson

photo by Austin Ferguson

Sadhana means daily spiritual practice.
It taps you into your infinite grace, your magnetic radiance, your deepest strength, your highest destiny, and your vibrant energy.
It taps you into


This is a forty-day experience that activates your highest potential, amplifies your radiance and magnetism, deepens your connection to yourself and spirit, strengthens your intuition, heals and harmonizes your entire system, and sets you on the path of your highest dream and destiny.

To practice Sadhana is a deep level of self care, woven with devotion and determination. 

Through Sadhana, we become absolutley victorious. 

60 minutes . $125 exchange
via Skype/FaceTime or locally in Denver

Send a letter of your intention to Loren at to reserve your space.
Space is limited.

photo by Austin Ferguson

photo by Austin Ferguson

You feel like you're here to do great things.
You're ready to step onto the destiny of your greatest fulfillment.
You want to release the painful story of the past and claim your power.
You know you have a uniquely gorgeous gift to share with the world.
You know your light is needed now.
And you are ready to shine.

Maybe you haven't figured out where to start.
Maybe you desire extra support, love, and guidance on your journey.
Maybe you've been putting it off because investing in yourself seems unworthy of your time and money.

I'm here to let you know:
You deserve to invest in yourself.
You deserve to live with radiance, vibrancy, abundance, and joy.
You deserve to be me where you're at and witnessed, guided, and loved every step of the way forward. That's where I come in.
Know that you can have everything you want and more.
Know that all is possible.
Know that you are infinite. 

Are you ready to access your infinite power?
Your divine grace and radiance?
Your highest potential?
Is your heart whispering "yes"?

Each sixty minute session is set-up as a private, custom Kundalini Yoga class that is 100% tailored to your unique intentions, lifestyle, and needs. After the session, you receive daily, direct support, guidance, and love from Loren for forty days as you embark on this gorgeous new journey.


When booking your session, you also fill out a questionnaire so that we can get the background info out of the way and dive deep in the session. From there, I collect the practices that best serve you on your path, creating a comprehensive toolbox of practices to support you where you are right now as well as in all seasons of life.

I invite you to contact me with any questions you may have prior to booking a session.


Each session begins with a short discussion about the focus of the practices I've to chosen for you. We then move through each yoga set and meditation so that you feel clear and confident to practice these daily on your own. In essence, this is is private, custom Kundalini Yoga class. Afterwards, we spend time in dialogue about which practices were most resonant, set your Sadhana, and I address any questions/interests you may have. 


Within an hour after our session, you receive an email containing everything we spoke about during the session. This includes your custom Sadhana, your toolbox of practices (tools you can use anytime, anywhere to access your energy, radiance, and grace), and all relevant resources. I also encourage you to contact me daily upon completion of your Sadhana as a source of loving support and accountability, as well as to answer questions that come up.

"Working with Loren has been one of the most transformative steps I have ever taken. She is a true goddess, fully embodied in her power. She carries with her deep wisdom, humble strength, and a beautiful power and grace. She has already been such an absolute blessing to my life, adding so much love and magic to my journey. During this practice she has created divinely specific to me, I have not only been empowered in my spirit but my outer beauty is transforming in ways unexpected. I am shedding old skin, both literally and figuratively. I am dedicated to this practice and inclined to learn deeper. Bless! I am filled with love and gratitude!" - Rosemary

"Kundalini Yoga is uncoiling yourself to find your potential and your vitality and to reach for your virtues. There is nothing from outside. Try to understand that. All is in you. You are the storehouse of your own totality." - Yogi Bhajan


Kundalini Yoga is known as the Yoga of Awareness. It works directly with the nervous and glandular systems to create immediate shifts in the body. It also affects our entire being, including our mental and energy bodies to give us an experience of our own soul. We combine breath, posture, eye focus, mantra (sacred sound currents), mudra (hand positions), and body locks to bring harmony to mind, body, and soul. 

Kundalini Yoga is designed for house-holders. You don't have to be a monk in a salt cave to be connected to your divine, infinite grace! These practices allows us to access the skills and energy needed to cope with the challenges of our times with radiance, grace, clarity, and joy. In this age, the only way for us to know truth is to experience it.

photo by Austin Ferguson

photo by Austin Ferguson

All sales final. Refunds not permitted.
Read more about Sadhana here.