"Beauty is whatever inspires our passion, and activates our life force energy. For example, just as we might fall in love (or lust) with a person we find beautiful, being immersed in the beauty of nature, or being surrounded by beautiful art, can inspire our creative self-expression. Sex energy and creative energy (both ways we express our "life force") originate in the same place—the place within us that is awakened in the presence of beauty."

What makes you feel most radiant?
Lots and lots of deep, uninterrupted sleep. Not drinking alcohol.

What daily practices are you devoted to? How do you create the time and space for them?
My 20-minute morning TM (transcendental meditation) practice has become like second nature, and I just set my alarm to give me time to do it. I also like to cook something from scratch every day, even if it's just getting creative with a plate of leftovers for lunch. I find it very calming, and feel a little un-grounded if I only eat take-out or from restaurants.

What is success for you? How do you cultivate prosperity in your daily experience?
Success is seeing an idea manifest in reality exactly the way I envisioned it. There is nothing more gratifying to me. As for cultivating prosperity, this isn't something I actively practice besides always spending within my means. I was brought up to see being in debt as a very dangerous state of affairs. 

Share a favorite recipe or instructions for a beloved practice/meditation.
My morning smoothie recipe :: 1 cup of almond milk; 1 cup of filtered water; half frozen banana; 1 ice cube; teaspoon of psyllium husk; teaspoon of ground flax seeds; teaspoon of Aswaganda powder (or Maca); 2 handfuls of frozen blueberries; 1 scoop of Sun Warrior vegan protein powder. Makes enough for my husband and I. 

Share three books you’re currently loving.
"How Soon is Now?" by Daniel Pinchbeck (out Feb '17 - I got an advance copy!); "This Naked Mind" by Annie Grace; "Porcelain" by Moby.

Ruby Warrington is Founder of conscious lifestyle platform The Numinous, and Co-Founder of Moon Club—a community-based mentorship program timed to the phases of the moon.