The Mental Bodies


Lately my mind has been on the Mental Bodies. The negative mind, positive mind, and neutral mind are three of the ten Light Bodies (read more about the Light Bodies here). They work together, in or out of balance, to process the millions of thoughts we each experience in each blink of the eye. Our negative mind, also known as the protective mind, is where you get your ability to discern: what opportunities are beneficial and which are potential harmful? It protects us from danger without limiting opportunities of healthy risk. The positive mind, also called the projective mind, is where we get a sense of hope. Our positive mind is our inner-cheerleader, always looking for the positive aspect in any person or situation. The neutral mind is, of course, neutral. Also called the meditative mind, it exists beyond polarity and is deeply connected to the heart chakra. The primary function of our neutral mind is to guide the decision-making process, working with both the positive and negative minds. 

Most of us move through life with imbalanced Mental Bodies, strongly leaning towards the positive or negative, sometimes never activating the neutral mind. An over-developed negative mind (and, therefore, under-developed positive mind), can immobilize us out of fear, because we can only see the downside of the situation. We become cynical about the future and stressed out. On the flip-side, an over-developed positive mind and under-developed negative mind leads to foolish choices and being overly-optimistic about situations that may be potentially harmful. It causes us to over-promise and under-deliver. 

When a thought is produced, it moves first into the negative mind (the second Light Body), then into the positive mind (the third Light Body). It can vacillate between these two Mental Bodies without ever entering the neutral mind (the fourth Light Body), creating indecision and an inability to see what truly is. However, if our neutral mind is activated, balanced, and strong, we can make choices that always bring alignment with destiny.

“You have three minds: negative, positive and neutral. A person who does not deal with the neutral mind—even with all the wealth—shall not prosper and can’t be happy, because negative and positive cancel each other. It is the neutral mind which becomes the intuitive force in you.”
- Yogi Bhajan

For a few months now, I’ve become increasingly aware of the way my own Mental Bodies are working. As I studied my own behavior and thoughts, I realized that the faster I reacted to things, instead of gracefully and consciously responding, the more often I made choices from my negative mind. Which makes sense as our thoughts are first processed by the negative mind. In reacting hastily, I didn’t allow my being the time to move the thought through the negative mind, into the positive mind, and then into the neutral mind. I was short-circuiting my own capacity for grace by creating very little time and space between the stimulant and the response. 

This is one of the reasons why it’s so essential to have a daily practice: In meditation, we create more space within time and within ourselves. This is why five minutes of practice can feel like ages if you’re not used to the experience of expanded consciousness. With more space, we have more choices, more freedom, and a greater capacity for compassion and grace. Naturally, things become less tense and pressure-driven because our capacity for stress is expanded (as well as our capacity for joy, abundance, success, etc.). This means that we are less likely to feel as though we’re backed into a corner and react negatively or defensively. 

“In your life there will be good days and bad days, normal days and abnormal days, right days and wrong days, but you must understand that every day has to be followed by a night and every life has to end. Don't waste your life in reactions. You cannot make your life a reaction to others; you must make your life your own. ” - Yogi Bhajan

Using the teachings on the three Mental Bodies and the technology of Kundalini Yoga as a whole, we can create new sequences of behavior that are more aligned with our destiny and highest potential. These new sequences of behavior create a ripple-out effect, causing shifts throughout your life and the lives of those you relate to. The biggest, most significant thing you can do to balance your Mental Bodies and strengthen your neutral mind would be to start a daily practice, or Sadhana. This is a consistent spiritual practice, ideally done first thing in the morning. Committing to a Sadhana alone does wonders for your radiance and mental faculties. I’ve included a meditation to strengthen the neutral mind below, but doing any of the Kundalini Yoga kriyas or meditations will be beneficial to you. 

Meditation for the Neutral Mind

I invite you to become aware of your own mental faculties and the way they are working in your experience. Know that you have the power to make them work for you through activating and strengthening the neutral mind while balancing the positive and negative minds. Kundalini Yoga provides what I consider to be the most powerful, effective, and efficient tools for creating these shifts. If you are seeking guidance in creating your own daily practice, I so look forward to connecting over a Sadhana Session. I also offer private Kundalini Yoga sessions geared towards activating radiance and prosperity, which naturally works with the Mental Bodies as well as the other Light Bodies to stimulate success and wealth in all realms of experience. 

Sat Nam. 

Insecurity | Victory

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wished I was older. I started lying about my age in the 5th grade to attract older men. Of course, “older men” in the 5th grade is a freshman in high school. I was only ten but wanted so badly to be fifteen. I stopped growing around thirteen and loathed my 5’4 height, always hoping to make it to 5’5. I wore pounds of makeup, sexy clothing, and high heels regularly — sometimes changing after I got to school so my parents couldn’t object. I was absolutely neurotic. And it just continued… throughout my entire teenage existence. People always told me how young I looked and it always stung. After I turned twenty-one, I felt more at ease, like I had finally overcome this great obstacle of youth. Even still, I hadn’t fully healed this insecurity. 

When, about a year-and-a-half ago, I realized that I felt a deep calling to be a teacher, I was paralyzed. My mind kept repeating the words, You look like a teen. No one will be interested in hearing what you have to say. You’re young, naive, and will probably end up saying something stupid anyways. You have a super easy side-job that pays well — don’t mess with what isn’t broken. And I ate it right up. I went deep into my own personal practice and became more devoted than ever, but I still felt unworthy and unintelligent. As crazy as it seems, I would wish I was just a couple years older so others might find me more qualified. Staying in my practice, I naturally came to face this insecurity again and again, each time in hopes to heal it. 

Then, at the start of December, I had this incredibly powerful client meeting. I was creating a Sadhana (daily spiritual practice) for this gorgeous woman who is a cosmic channel. I end each session with a meditation, and close the mediation by singing a prayer called “May The Long Time Sun”. After I sang for my client, she told me that I became visibly radiant and had golden light shining from within. Then, she began unexpectedly transmitting messages for me, saying that I must not wait to share my light, my voice. That the resonance of my voice contained deep healing. When she stopped, we both began to cry from the intensity of it all. She hadn’t transmitted in years, by choice, and hadn’t intended to then. After we said goodbye, I felt saturated with love and wisdom, finally realizing that I had something beautiful, unique, and essential to share with the world. 

“When you become insecure, you goof. … Why be insecure? Breath is free! It is automatic! The Earth is rotating. You are living. If you are kind, compassionate, and caring, nothing can go wrong.” - Yogi Bhajan

Since then, I have devoted each and every day to stepping more into my power, my wisdom, my radiance, my grace, my nobility, and my role as a Teacher. And I continue to. Each time I feel insecure, I know that I simply am being called to push past my perceived limitations. In this realization, I can shift out of my fear and insecurity and into my infinity, expanded.

A couple of weeks ago, I signed a contract to begin teaching weekly classes in a community space. As I sat in the Uber on my way to meet the owner for the very first time, I began to get nervous. I suddenly started wishing I was older. But about three seconds in, I cut the thought with a beloved mantra, Ajai Alai. Each time the thought tried to resurface, I cut it with the mantra again. I reminded myself that even if it didn’t work out with this space, that it was still a victory, because I was taking the very first step on the path that I had to take. And it didn’t matter whether or not I wished I was ten steps ahead, because I was right here, at step one. So, I took the step, and I got the space. Stepping out into the cold Colorado air after the meeting, I felt more radiant than ever. After all the time spent worrying and wondering, for it to end up being so effortless — it felt both surprising and affirming. These practices really do work. Which is why I am so incredibly grateful to have them. And so powerfully inspired and excited to share them with you.

All my love. 


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The Arcline

Each time I mention in passing the Light Bodies, I receive messages to share even more. The teachings surrounding the ten Light Bodies has been incredibly profound for me and essential in understanding the entirety of my being. I’ve written some on the Light Body I most explored this past year, the Radiant Body. Today, I want to share another Light Body that I find deeply interesting: The Arcline. 

The Arcline exists as a halo of energy, stretching from ear to ear over the crown of the head. If you’ve ever seen a Byzantine depiction of Christ in paintings, the halo of light surrounding his head is a similar visualization of this Light Body. Our Arcline is our connection to the divine — when strong, the Universe delivers. We strengthen the Arcline with committed, steady practice (Sadhana), being in community (Sangat), and through the power of prayer. Having a strong Arcline gives us the presence and desire to serve humanity in action; it gives us balance in word and deed. When weak, we are easily influenced by others, ineffective, inconsistent in mood and behavior, and unable to focus or manifest our prayers. Our Arclines hold an imprint of our karmic records and thus is connected to our immune system, due to the relationship between karma and illness. All of the subconcious garbage that we accumulate also rests in our Arcline, potentially dampening our radiance and prosperity. This is one of the reasons we practice, to actively clear away the crap that gets stuck in our energy fields. 

According to ancient yogic scriptures, women are sixteen times more intuitive, intelligent, patient, and compassionate then men. For me, this directly correlates to the Arcline. Both men and women possess the Arcline halo from ear to ear, but women actually have a second Arcline that extends over the heart center from nipple to nipple. This Arcline creates a safe, healing space for our children, should we choose to have them. The second Arcline is extremely sensitive in it’s ability to perceive, protect, and project. In fact, the Arcline is so sensitive that is said that when two people smile at one another, there is a spark of connection generated between the two Arclines that can be tapped into for deep healing. And as sensitive as the Arcline is to even a shared smile, any sexual encounter is deeply felt in the Arcline (more so for women, as we have two). Anytime a woman has sex, the Arclines imprint on one another and she takes on the karma of the man. The blending of the Arclines through sexual experience can be destructive to the woman’s own identity, as her energy field becomes blended with those of her sexual partners. In the age of Tinder and Bumble, I find many women are struggling with their self-identity and feel that this is intimately connected.

Knowing that the Arcline contains our destiny, our karma, our subconcious garbage, and the imprint of every sexual encounter we’ve ever had, it becomes essential to keep practices that can clear away some of the crap to make space for more clarity and true connection. In Kundalini Yoga, we have meditations that involve moving the hands and arms through the Arclines to clear and charge them. Another way to strengthen and clear the Arcline is by committing to any meditation for 1000 days, as this level of devotion makes us very radiant. (I know that sitting here, reading this, 1000 days of consecutive practice feels laughably impossible. As someone who once self-identified as flaky/inconsistent, but is currently over 345 days into her own 1000 day Sadhana, I can say that is is absolutely possible and entirely life-changing.)

My two personal favorite meditations for clearing and charging the Arclines are:

Meditation for Clearing Your Arcline and Past Karma :: This is particularly wonderful for women, as the hands are moving through both the Arclines. In my experience, this is a great prosperity mantra, which (I feel) has to do with the clearing of karma to make you very radiant and magnetic. I love to do this meditation anytime I feel like my system needs to be cleansed — particularly if I have a negative encounter with another person or am holding onto negative thoughts that I just can’t seem to shake. 

Gyan Chakra Kriya :: Yogi Bhajan said that this meditation has the ability to “brighten your halo”. It uses the propeller motion of the arms to literally propel you forward to your destiny, creating radiance and attracting abundance. It expands our aura and strengthens our nervous system so that we may move through any situation with grace and creativity. As I’ve practiced this meditation for approximately two months now, I have experienced an influx of opportunity and feel more radiant than ever. 


May these practices and teaching serve you by bringing you more energy, clarity, radiance, and prosperity. If you’re seeking guidance on creating a daily practice that works for you (your needs, intentions, and lifestyle), I look forward to connecting over a One-on-One Session. In the New Year, there is great collective energy around creating a new path for ourselves and all of humanity. Let’s set the path to victory in 2017. Are you with me? 

Practice | Setting Your Non-Negotiable

When I’m working with clients to create a custom daily practice, I’m often asked to share my own. The thing is… I’m a bit of an alien. And a Capricorn. So I’m usually committed to at least two, but more like four meditative practices at any given point. Currently, I’m at all all-time personal high with six different meditations on my docket. When I share this with clients, they sometimes feel overwhelmed, thinking that they, too, need hours of mediation daily to reap benefits. But that’s just me - because I love it and it makes me feel so damn good. And it’s all for fun - even if I take it quite seriously. 

The truth is that the energy that is available to me after an hour of meditation is also available to anyone after only three minutes. Really, all you need is one good breath. You don’t have to be a monk in a salt cave to be connected to your soul, your power, and your infinity. When creating a new daily practice for any client, I always start with their “Non-Negotiable”. Because I enjoy providing my clients with a well-stocked toolbox of practices and technologies to serve them, I also carve out a specific (usually short) practice that is the Non-Negotiable. This means that, no matter what happens, this practice is done every day, without fail. Using my Frankincense Face Balm and rose quartz Gua Sha in the evening is non-negotiable. Brushing my teeth twice daily is absolutely non-negotiable. I simply look at my daily practice the same way. I may be devoted to six meditations at this time, but my JapJi Sahib practice is my Non-Negotiable. I have been practicing for 330 consecutive days as I write this and have never felt devotion in my life as I do to this practice. It has entirely upgraded my being! The other five meditations are also important to me, but I don’t beat myself up if the day has come and gone without my doing them - which has been the case twice in the two months since I picked them up. 

Like I said, your Non-Negotiable doesn’t have to be a long, convoluted thing that feels like work. I meditate as much as I do because I want to and your daily practice should always work for you. Start with a three minute meditation as your Non-Negotiable practice and (maybe) pick another short meditation to include alongside it when you have extra time to love on yourself or if you need a boost. Then do the practice every. single. day. That is is how begin to experience your grace, your divinity, your infinity. And when you begin to experience yourself in this way, you don’t need a guru, a shaman, or anyone at all to tell you what is true, because you are experiencing truth.  


If you are seeking guidance in creating a daily practice + toolbox of practices to serve you, I so look forward to connecting over a One-on-One Session! Note: I have just two spaces left until 2017 and am only available for the next two days (until December 21st) for One-on-One Sessions. I’ll be re-opening my sessions in the New Year with more focused, varied offerings. 

Prosperity | Self-Worth + Spending

At the start of November, just after the Scorpio New Moon, I wanted nothing more than to start calling in all the good stuff. I had just spent the summer months moving through intense personal challenges around self-worth, self-confidence, and self-love. I thought I was done with all that shit and finally moving on. So I picked up four prosperity meditations, added in yet another practice to clear blocks and invoke abundance, and began doing them all daily. The prosperity flowed forth essentially immediately, which I somewhat expected as I know these practices work. They’re like any other vehicle to get us where we want to go - we just have to put in the energy. What I didn’t expect was to come face to face yet again with issues of self-worth. Every time the self-doubt would surface, I would deflate, feeling like I was forever stuck in this horrendous cycle and shouldn’t I have figured my shit out already?

Of course, as Pema Chodron says, “Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” So I put my ego in check and dug even deeper. Why were these feelings surfacing when I was experiencing more prosperity and success than ever? I realized, with much meditation and long walks, that I was simply pushing through my own boundaries, my own beliefs, my own limitations. And it was scary, but so rewarding.

I find that everyone has their own brand of money issues. Mine stem from a disjointed childhood in which my father was incredibly wealthy yet extremely frugal, while my mother was certainly well-off but often concerned about having enough. I can remember my father and grandfather saying countless times throughout my childhood, “When I visualize my money, I see it all in a tin bucket. Anytime I spend even a single dollar, that money leaves the bucket and I can never get it back. I can put new money in, but I will never get back the money I already spent.” This belief system in particular really stuck with me, combined with the scarcity mindset I picked up on my mom’s side, and I’ve been creating my reality around these beliefs ever since (as much as I wish that wasn’t true). For me, it came down to two things: my low-self worth and my fear of spending. 

Ever since I was about sixteen, I was hyper-aware of my youth. For a young girl growing up in a culture that celebrates youth, I was always scrambling to escape it. I wanted to be perceived as mature, wise, and secure, which at that age translated to wanting to look older. Even now, as my twenty-fifth birthday is on the horizon, I am told all the time that I look like I’m eighteen. For many, this comment would be a compliment. For me, it feels like I’m being looked down upon. It translates to naiveté, or stupidity. Ultimately, this whole complex makes it difficult for me to set my own value as a woman, teacher, and healer. I worry that, because I look so young, others will see me as someone who isn’t worth listening to. For almost two years, I’ve been pricing my products and services for much less than they’re worth because I feared that others wouldn’t see their (or my) value. This wasn't even something I would allow myself to see - it wasn't until a client told me sternly and repeatedly that I must raise my prices to match my energetic service that I even began to consider what I was doing. Even now, as I plan to raise my prices come the New Year to reflect their true worth, I find my ego attempting to drop a fear-bomb all over my internal landscape. It says that no one will want my products and services at a higher price. It reminds me of every flaw and shortcoming and tells me that I’m not really worth it. Gratefully, for the first time in what feels like forever, I can see clearly that these fears don’t serve me because they aren’t the truth. 

Of course, my fear about others spending money on me also stems from my issues about spending my own money. It’s that damn tin bucket visual that pops into my head each time I’m about to make a purchase and says sinisterly, “You can never get it back.” And so, I’m reluctant to let it go. What does this accomplish? It effectively puts a cork in our flow of energy (or abundance, or prosperity - whatever words resonates most with you) which means that we have less energy going out as well as coming in. Money is the most widely-recognizable form of transferring energy in our society, so this translates to “less spending = less earning”. There is a definite reason why we call money currency, as in an energy current. We must practice with keeping the energy current open, clear, and flowing through both giving and receiving.

“Your normal process of life is to not give; not giving yourself a chance, not giving to others. You do not believe in creating a vacuum. When there is a vacuum, God must fill it. I'm not saying that you are poor. But you could have more. Giving is the way of the rich—giving services, giving expertise, giving work, giving to others to get blessings, giving something for prayer, giving to the needy.” - Yogi Bhajan

When we spend our money, we are literally creating space and energy to receive that which we are paying for. If we look for the cheapest option, we will always receive less from it because we have created less space to receive it. When we give away our products and services for free, we have robbed our clients/customers the opportunity to create space to receive what we’re offering. Which is often why they are less likely to get something out of it. We live in a society that promotes cheaper as better, so it’s no wonder we all feel so damn unfulfilled. I have to hold this truth dear and remind myself of it daily as I step into my power and raise my prices: I am allowing both myself and my clients/customers the opportunity to receive even more from my products/services. This is how we create more abundance for ALL. 


In gratitude for your gorgeous love and support, I have elected to offer my products/sessions at the lower rate through the end of the year. Come the New Year, my One on One Sessions will become more focused and varied and the Frankincense Beauty Balms will receive new packaging to better protect the life-force of the alchemy and improve the overall experience. I am so excited about these shifts and can’t wait to share more with you all! All my heart. 

Sadhana as Skin Care

More and more frequently, I’m experiencing people who actually don’t believe me when I tell them that I suffered with acne for over a decade. And still, every time, I am surprised. Even though I can look in a mirror and see that my skin has totally transformed, even though the physical scars are gone — I am still healing, still clearing away the self-sabotaging beliefs, behaviors, thought patterns, and hidden agendas that were programmed through my experience growing up with acne. It's all a practice, one that I am deeply grateful for. 

Another truth about my skin that people often don’t believe? That I healed it through Kundalini Yoga. I see why people feel skeptical — I used to feel that way, too. But after over a decade of acne, I was open to trying anything. When one of my teachers fully credited her luminous complexion to her Sadhana (daily practice), I knew I had to experiment. I figured: I didn't have anything to lose. 

unnamed (10).jpg

It wasn’t just my skin that became clear and radiant, it was my whole projection. I learned early on in adolescence to “fake it till you make it” with my self-confidence about my appearance and had been faking it all my life, up until about a year and half ago when I began practicing my Sadhana with consistency and determination. For the first time ever, the confidence was real. The radiance was real. I saw myself and was seen by others. It felt like a miracle. It wasn’t though - it was the practice. The main causes of my acne were: self-rejection, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, poor nutrition, and an inability to stop touching/picking my face. Kundalini Yoga addressed all of these and so much more — it’s incredible for hormonal issues because it works directly with the endocrine system by stimulating specific glands. It’s also great for stress-relief and strengthens the nervous system, (almost) entirely eradicating my anxiety. Through my practice, I explore my infinity, divinity, and grace, allowing me to push through self-rejection and into a space of self-love and acceptance. Because I love and accept myself and my needs, I consciously choose to nourish my body with the highest quality food I can and to treat my skin with pure love (i.e., no picking and only the best, simple products). The Frankincense Beauty Balm was entirely conceived during my daily practice and is charged with the vibration of the mantras I sing in meditation — one of the reasons it works so miraculously. When applying the balm, I am using mantras from my daily practice to create a sort of meditation on my own beauty and radiance as a woman. The best part about all of it is that it works for me. For too long, I worked so damn hard to feel beautiful. Now, my practice is working for me and the beauty feels effortless. My skin isn’t perfect because nothing in life is, but the radiance is still effortless even when an absolutely clear complexion isn’t, serving as a gentle reminder that our beauty is so much more than the state of our skin. 

If you're seeking to create a Sadhana (daily practice) to serve your own radiance and prosperity, I look forward to connecting over a one-on-one session

Magnetic Abundance

Magnetize everything towards you.  What you need, it will be in balance; it will be beautiful; you can enjoy it.  The other way is to run after it.  You’ll be running all the time; home will be empty.

It's hard to imagine that it was really almost a year ago that I set my intention for 2016: Radiance and Victory. When I set about exploring how to invoke more radiance and prosperity (victory) into my experience, I found it fascinating how intertwined these two things are and how well these teachings complement one another. I originally wanted to strengthen my Radiant Body because I desired to experience myself as more beautiful, self-contained, and self-confident. But I began to notice that I wasn't just feeling more beautiful, but that life began falling into place much more smoothly across the board. I gained clarity on where I wanted to take my shop and business, moved out of temporarily living with my mom (after living on the road for a year) into my new home in Denver, and found myself in a place of financial security that I had not known in years. I realized that there was a reason these two words came through together as my intention for the year: because they go hand in hand.

The Radiant Body is also known as the Divine Shield due to it's ability to attract opportunities that serve our expansion while deflecting any potentially harmful opportunities. Naturally, it attracts prosperity into our lives. We have been programmed to go out and get, so it can feel really counter-productive at first when we are practicing the art of being still and magnetizing. What you must realize is that you are a magnet already whether you mean to be or not. Your Aura, your 7th Light Body that sits beneath your Radiant Body, is literally an electromagnetic field created by your energy current. A strong Radiant Body strengthens the Aura and amplifies your magnetism. So if you must be a magnet, be a magnet for goodness. Be a magnet for prosperity.


The Gyan Chakra Kriya meditation makes you very radiant and magnetic, allowing you to invoke your highest prosperity in all realms of life. I've been practicing this prosperity meditation for most of November and now into December and it has honestly been quite incredible to witness the prosperity come through. When it comes to Kundalini Yoga, the proof is in the pudding. Try it for 40 days and see for yourself!

Check out yesterdays post for tips on strengthening the Radiant Body. 


The Radiant Body

The Kundalini Yoga lineage teaches that we possess more than merely a physical body, that we instead contain ten Light Bodies: our one physical body, plus three mental bodies and six energy bodies. Each Light Body contribute specific gifts when strong and can lead to “deficit tendencies” when weak or imbalanced. Our outermost body, the Radiant Body or 10th Body, creates the seal for our entire system and boosts the energy of the other nine Light Bodies. A strong Radiant Body gives us royalty, radiance, and nobility. It projects a magnetic resonance that attracts goodness and repels anything that does not serve you. It is also sometimes called the Divine Shield for this reason. When underdeveloped, we have a tendency to compare ourselves to others, engage in polarity thinking, feel unable to conquer fears, and are ineffective. 

When I first learned about the ten Light Bodies, I was most fascinated by the Radiant Body because I was always inspired by the people who could walk into any room and command the energy without saying a word. I had always secretly wanted that experience for myself and so I set out to experiment with my own radiance.

"If you understand that you are Ten Bodies, and you are aware of those Ten Bodies, and you keep them in balance, the whole Universe will be in balance with you." ~ Yogi Bhajan

Sadhana :: Just the act of committing to a Sadhana (daily practice) boosts your Radiant Body. Being able to commit and follow through is a quality of someone with a strong 10th Body. As I write this on my 312th consecutive day devoted my own Sadhana, I can say that a devoted daily practice will completely change you and your life. If you’re seeking this kind of practice but don’t know where to start, I look forward to connecting over a one-on-one session to formulate a custom daily practice that works for you to clear subconcious blocks, beliefs, and behaviors while building energy and reconnecting you to your power + intution. 

Ajai Alai Mantra :: The Ajai Alai sound current is a powerful tool for building your Radiant Body. I love to play it while I sleep, when I craft skincare, or if I create space for an evening of devoted self-care. Each Frankincense Beauty Balm is chanted over many, many times with this mantra to bring radiance to whoever uses it. I also silently recite the mantra anytime I feel unsure of myself or the situation I’m in (ex: when walking alone late at night or when in an uncomfortable conversation/confrontation) to quickly gain clarity as to how I can move forward with grace. In my personal practice, I use this mantra for forty to ninety days at a time whenever I have been feeling depleted. In my experience, it helped clear my skin and made me feel more beautiful than ever. 

“Memorize this mantra by heart and start chanting it, and see the situation solved and the opposition dissolved right in your presence. Rather than arguing, questioning, answering and talking, just start chanting mentally. See what happens. I am not telling you that you will not face difficulties, because it's the faculty of the moon to wax and wane; but whenever you are waxing and waning, and you are being attacked in one way or the other, start chanting it. You will excel." - Yogi Bhajan

Wearing White :: Dressing in white clothing made of natural fibers is an easy way to instantly boost your radiance by helping to reflect light throughout your field. It has been said that white clothing extends your aura three feet.

Leaving The Hair Un-Cut :: The hair governs the 10th body. When we cut it periodically, it focuses energy on re-growth instead of allowing that energy to flow to the Radiant Body. “The hair was the first technique to raise the Kundalini energy. When the hair is at its natural full length and coiled over the anterior fontanel for men or the posterior fontanel for women, it draws pranic energy into the spine. The force of this downward positive energy causes the Kundalini energy to rise for balance. Actually the hair was so important that the word for consciousness, kundalini, actually derives from kundal which means ‘a coil of the beloved’s hair’” (Yogi Bhajan). 

SMILE :: I personally feel that smiling, expressing joy and gratitude, is one of the fastest and most effective ways to experience yourself as more radiant. In my life, the most beautiful people are the most joyful people. Recently, I’ve had multiple encounters with strangers who approach me to tell me that I’m beautiful. Every single time it’s because I smiled at them. And while receiving compliments from strangers isn’t why I cultivate radiance, it always serves to strengthen my conviction that these practices absolutely do work. 

I also included some links to meditations that strengthen the 10th Body, should you feel called to experiment with your own radiance.

The Radiant Body: The Beauty of Every Woman

Meditation to Develop the Radiant Body

Ajai Alai Prosperity Meditation


Recipe | Radiance Elixir

You could say I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Every aspect of my site, shop, and social media is meticulously edited and I have hundreds of personal essays, photographs, recipes, and product ideas that I haven't shared yet - only because I don't feel they have been perfected. Or that they aren't "good enough" - which is essentially the same thing to a perfectionist. 

So I've been holding onto this post for a while now - because it definitely isn't perfect. But after briefly mentioning my "Radiance Elixir" on social media and receiving tons of direct messages for the full recipe, I realized that perfection isn't the point. So, here it is - my "Radiance Elixir" - in all it's imperfect glory.

Radiance Elixir
1/4 teaspoon Pearl Powder
1/4 teaspoon Shatavari Powder
1/2 teaspoon Schizranda Berry
1/2 teaspoon He Sho Wu Powder
1 teaspoon Goji Powder
1 teaspoon Lucuma Powder
1 teaspoon Tocotrienols Powder
Coconut Nectar to Taste
2 cups of Hot Water

I simply bring the water to a boil, place the powdered herbs in a glass water-bottle, then pour the boiling water over them. Add the coconut nectar in after the hot water. Shake well (and throughout drinking). 

I feel compelled to mention that this drink (in my opinion) has a neutral, mild taste. My husband straight-up doesn't like it, and I can see why it's no sugar-y latte for sure. For me, this drink is purely medicinal. I don't love the taste, I love the way it makes me feel and what it does for my skin. That's not to say you can't dress up the recipe and make it into some truly delish drink that makes you feel like you're having dessert - just that I haven't (yet).

I've been drinking this simple concoction daily for about month and a half now - My experiences have been absolutely incredible skin health (nothing does what this drink does for my skin), increased hair growth, more balanced emotional state, less painful periods, and my overall health/energy levels have been great lately. This is what I have personally experienced since starting this practice, but I will also share some of the documented benefits of these herbs, in case you're unfamiliar with them. 

Goji :: Goji is considered by some to be the most nutrient-dense food on Earth. It contains all essential amino acids, are loaded with Vitamin C and Vitamin A, and have over twenty trace minerals. They are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal.

Lucuma :: Lucuma is a powerful tissue-regenerator, which is incredibly helpful for those of us who have scarring or sores on our skin. It's also anti-inflammatory, said to reverse the effects of aging and inflammation. It's also loaded with vitamins and minerals as well as fiber and iron.

Tocotrienols :: "Tocos" are a concentrated source of Vitamin E and D. It is regenerates tissue, heals inflammation, boosts immunity, improves muscle health, removes toxins from the body, and directly heals the brain, heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys.  

Schizranda Berry :: Schizranda is tones and heals all organs in the body. It supports overall health, energy levels, and mental/emotional wellbeing. 

Pearl :: Potent source of amino acids, minerals, and enzymes. Pearl literally builds cells and is thus great for healing the skin. 

Shatavari :: Shatavari is a tonic for the female reproductive system. It balances your cycle, improves fertility, and reduces PMS symptoms. It's an adaptogen, meaning it helps us adapt to stress at a cellular level and promotes longevity.

He Sho Wu :: A tonic for the endocrine system (especially supportive of the thyroid), improves adrenal health, supports healthy hair, skin, nails, and internal organs. 

Coconut Nectar :: Not an herb, but I wanted to include it as it's in my recipe. Coconut Nectar is a great, low-glycemic, natural sweetener that has decent mineral content. 

I purchase my herbs from Moon Juice Shop and find them to be extremely potent. I also love Sun Potion herbs although am not currently using them. 

For those of you who would rather purchase a pre-mixed powder with similar health benefits, check out Return To The Roots Ananda Elixir, Buck Naked Plant Medicine Radiant Glow Powder, Pure Potions Beauty Powder, or Moon Juice Beauty Dust.

Skincare | Consistency, Simplicity

Yesterday evening, I felt called to share my three most powerful daily practices for keeping my skin clear. Over the past decade, I've tried just about everything under the sun. As a teen, I was obsessed with trying new product after new product, spending all my time, money, and energy to attack my skin. I would see a commercial that promised me clear skin overnight, go out and purchase the product, be depressed and anxious when it (inevitably) didn't work, and then repeat the cycle. I became depleted on every level.

When the idea for my Frankincense Beauty Balm first popped into my head, I was wary. Shea butter on my face? Slathering oils on my skin as a way to clear it? It all felt so backwards. Now, I realize, it was my programmed perspective that was backwards. Because, truly, this balm has done more for my skin than any other product I've ever created or tried. It's the only product I make and sell currently because it's the only one I use (alongside some personal hydrosol blends that will make it to the shop in 2017). I have seen that consistent, simple skincare is key. It makes sense to shift your skincare from season to season (or if traveling to different climates), but overall consistency is essential for the health of your skin. By keeping skincare consistent, our skin is able to become balanced and calm. When we shift products constantly or use a ton of different products on our skin at once, we don't allow our skin the opportunity to find balance - it's too busy reacting to the latest product. 

My current skincare routine looks like this ::

AM: I don't feel the need to cleanse my skin upon waking, so after my morning meditation, I spritz my face 8 times with a personal hydrosol blend. Then, I extract a small amount of my Frankincense Beauty Balm, warming it between my (clean) fingertips before massaging gently and lovingly on my skin. Anytime I am touching my skin or looking in the mirror, I repeat (aloud or in my head), "I am bountiful. I am blissful. I am beautiful." I continue repeating this mantra, gazing into my own eyes, and smiling wide as I do my full skincare routine. After the balm has been somewhat massaged in, I grab my rose quartz Gua Sha and do a quick facial massage. Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese treatment that involves massaging the face/body with a special Gua Sha tool. It is said to decrease aging/sagging/fine lines/wrinkles, move stagnation, clear the lymph (remove toxins), brighten/even the complexion, and awaken the skin's healing abilities. My experience has been nothing short of amazing. I am absolutely in love with my Gua Sha (purchased via Poppy and Someday) and use it as often as I feel called, which is usually 2-4 times a day. 
After massaging my skin, I might spritz it with hydrosol a couple more times (just for fun, because I love it!). 

Post-Workout: If I exercise vigorously, I'll cleanse my face with the Frankincense Beauty Balm by extracting a small amount and massaging well into my skin. The oils in the balm act as a solvent for the oil/sebum on your skin, which is why they must be wiped away with a warm, damp washcloth (I prefer an organic hemp cloth for this). I follow up a cleanse with a quick spritz of hydrosol and a tiny bit of balm if my skin feels like it needs it. 

PM: Before bed, I cleanse my skin with the Frankincense Beauty Balm using the above procedure. Then comes the hydrosol, spritzed 8 times (I love specificity!) and a small amount of balm to be massaged in with the Gua Sha tool. Again, I am constantly repeating my affirmations and smiling at myself. I make it a point to look into my eyes instead of at my skin. If I have a breakout, I bless it with a simple mixture of jojoba oil and frankincense essential oil. 
As a side note - I sleep with my hair in a braid nightly and keep my pillowcase as clean as possible. 

Once or twice a week, I love to get creative in the kitchen with a face mask. The lactic acid in yogurt and the alpha-hydroxy acid in certain fruits (papaya, pumpkin, and pineapple are most notable) act as a chemical exfoliant, which I personally prefer to using exfoliants like facial scrubs that can cause tiny tears on the skin. Plus, I always end up snacking on whatever I put on my face, which is fun and nourishing in it's own way! 


The most important thing to remember is that what you put on your face has much less to do with the state of your skin than what you put in your body and what you feel in your heart. This is why simplicity and consistency works - it allows you to, in a sense, get out of your own way and let your skin do it's thing. As with the whole body, our skin knows how to heal and balance itself - we are simply standing in its way with our consumption of toxic skincare, toxic emotions, and toxic food products. With consistency, simplicity, and genuine love for yourself, you can heal your skin and experience your radiance from the inside out.