The Sacred Self-Care Journal

Sat Nam, kindred spirits! I am wildly excited to share this new offering with you all. THE SACRED SELF-CARE JOURNAL is a guidebook of over 30 potent, yet simple practices and writing exercises to carry you through every single day of the lunar cycle! Beginning with the New Moon, you'll have new writing exercises and yogic practices to use daily. 

This offering is perfect for anyone who is looking to cultivate a deeper connection to their soul + Spirit through devoted, daily practice. 

My vision for this offering was ACCESSIBILITY. I want everyone who wants these teachings to have them! I've made The Sacred Self-Care Journal a "by donation" offering, meaning you decide how much you want to invest in it. 

In celebration of this rich new resource, I'll be documenting my own experience using the journal daily, beginning this Wednesday, April 26th on the New Moon. Join me by downloading and printing your own copy! If you feel inspired to share your experiences on social media, I invite you to use the hashtag #THESACREDSELFCAREJOURNAL so that we may all witness and love on you!

Grab your copy and get ready for a truly transformative month!