The Arcline

Each time I mention in passing the Light Bodies, I receive messages to share even more. The teachings surrounding the ten Light Bodies has been incredibly profound for me and essential in understanding the entirety of my being. I’ve written some on the Light Body I most explored this past year, the Radiant Body. Today, I want to share another Light Body that I find deeply interesting: The Arcline. 

The Arcline exists as a halo of energy, stretching from ear to ear over the crown of the head. If you’ve ever seen a Byzantine depiction of Christ in paintings, the halo of light surrounding his head is a similar visualization of this Light Body. Our Arcline is our connection to the divine — when strong, the Universe delivers. We strengthen the Arcline with committed, steady practice (Sadhana), being in community (Sangat), and through the power of prayer. Having a strong Arcline gives us the presence and desire to serve humanity in action; it gives us balance in word and deed. When weak, we are easily influenced by others, ineffective, inconsistent in mood and behavior, and unable to focus or manifest our prayers. Our Arclines hold an imprint of our karmic records and thus is connected to our immune system, due to the relationship between karma and illness. All of the subconcious garbage that we accumulate also rests in our Arcline, potentially dampening our radiance and prosperity. This is one of the reasons we practice, to actively clear away the crap that gets stuck in our energy fields. 

According to ancient yogic scriptures, women are sixteen times more intuitive, intelligent, patient, and compassionate then men. For me, this directly correlates to the Arcline. Both men and women possess the Arcline halo from ear to ear, but women actually have a second Arcline that extends over the heart center from nipple to nipple. This Arcline creates a safe, healing space for our children, should we choose to have them. The second Arcline is extremely sensitive in it’s ability to perceive, protect, and project. In fact, the Arcline is so sensitive that is said that when two people smile at one another, there is a spark of connection generated between the two Arclines that can be tapped into for deep healing. And as sensitive as the Arcline is to even a shared smile, any sexual encounter is deeply felt in the Arcline (more so for women, as we have two). Anytime a woman has sex, the Arclines imprint on one another and she takes on the karma of the man. The blending of the Arclines through sexual experience can be destructive to the woman’s own identity, as her energy field becomes blended with those of her sexual partners. In the age of Tinder and Bumble, I find many women are struggling with their self-identity and feel that this is intimately connected.

Knowing that the Arcline contains our destiny, our karma, our subconcious garbage, and the imprint of every sexual encounter we’ve ever had, it becomes essential to keep practices that can clear away some of the crap to make space for more clarity and true connection. In Kundalini Yoga, we have meditations that involve moving the hands and arms through the Arclines to clear and charge them. Another way to strengthen and clear the Arcline is by committing to any meditation for 1000 days, as this level of devotion makes us very radiant. (I know that sitting here, reading this, 1000 days of consecutive practice feels laughably impossible. As someone who once self-identified as flaky/inconsistent, but is currently over 345 days into her own 1000 day Sadhana, I can say that is is absolutely possible and entirely life-changing.)

My two personal favorite meditations for clearing and charging the Arclines are:

Meditation for Clearing Your Arcline and Past Karma :: This is particularly wonderful for women, as the hands are moving through both the Arclines. In my experience, this is a great prosperity mantra, which (I feel) has to do with the clearing of karma to make you very radiant and magnetic. I love to do this meditation anytime I feel like my system needs to be cleansed — particularly if I have a negative encounter with another person or am holding onto negative thoughts that I just can’t seem to shake. 

Gyan Chakra Kriya :: Yogi Bhajan said that this meditation has the ability to “brighten your halo”. It uses the propeller motion of the arms to literally propel you forward to your destiny, creating radiance and attracting abundance. It expands our aura and strengthens our nervous system so that we may move through any situation with grace and creativity. As I’ve practiced this meditation for approximately two months now, I have experienced an influx of opportunity and feel more radiant than ever. 


May these practices and teaching serve you by bringing you more energy, clarity, radiance, and prosperity. If you’re seeking guidance on creating a daily practice that works for you (your needs, intentions, and lifestyle), I look forward to connecting over a One-on-One Session. In the New Year, there is great collective energy around creating a new path for ourselves and all of humanity. Let’s set the path to victory in 2017. Are you with me?