Magnetic Abundance

Magnetize everything towards you.  What you need, it will be in balance; it will be beautiful; you can enjoy it.  The other way is to run after it.  You’ll be running all the time; home will be empty.

It's hard to imagine that it was really almost a year ago that I set my intention for 2016: Radiance and Victory. When I set about exploring how to invoke more radiance and prosperity (victory) into my experience, I found it fascinating how intertwined these two things are and how well these teachings complement one another. I originally wanted to strengthen my Radiant Body because I desired to experience myself as more beautiful, self-contained, and self-confident. But I began to notice that I wasn't just feeling more beautiful, but that life began falling into place much more smoothly across the board. I gained clarity on where I wanted to take my shop and business, moved out of temporarily living with my mom (after living on the road for a year) into my new home in Denver, and found myself in a place of financial security that I had not known in years. I realized that there was a reason these two words came through together as my intention for the year: because they go hand in hand.

The Radiant Body is also known as the Divine Shield due to it's ability to attract opportunities that serve our expansion while deflecting any potentially harmful opportunities. Naturally, it attracts prosperity into our lives. We have been programmed to go out and get, so it can feel really counter-productive at first when we are practicing the art of being still and magnetizing. What you must realize is that you are a magnet already whether you mean to be or not. Your Aura, your 7th Light Body that sits beneath your Radiant Body, is literally an electromagnetic field created by your energy current. A strong Radiant Body strengthens the Aura and amplifies your magnetism. So if you must be a magnet, be a magnet for goodness. Be a magnet for prosperity.


The Gyan Chakra Kriya meditation makes you very radiant and magnetic, allowing you to invoke your highest prosperity in all realms of life. I've been practicing this prosperity meditation for most of November and now into December and it has honestly been quite incredible to witness the prosperity come through. When it comes to Kundalini Yoga, the proof is in the pudding. Try it for 40 days and see for yourself!

Check out yesterdays post for tips on strengthening the Radiant Body.