Practice | Setting Your Non-Negotiable

When I’m working with clients to create a custom daily practice, I’m often asked to share my own. The thing is… I’m a bit of an alien. And a Capricorn. So I’m usually committed to at least two, but more like four meditative practices at any given point. Currently, I’m at all all-time personal high with six different meditations on my docket. When I share this with clients, they sometimes feel overwhelmed, thinking that they, too, need hours of mediation daily to reap benefits. But that’s just me - because I love it and it makes me feel so damn good. And it’s all for fun - even if I take it quite seriously. 

The truth is that the energy that is available to me after an hour of meditation is also available to anyone after only three minutes. Really, all you need is one good breath. You don’t have to be a monk in a salt cave to be connected to your soul, your power, and your infinity. When creating a new daily practice for any client, I always start with their “Non-Negotiable”. Because I enjoy providing my clients with a well-stocked toolbox of practices and technologies to serve them, I also carve out a specific (usually short) practice that is the Non-Negotiable. This means that, no matter what happens, this practice is done every day, without fail. Using my Frankincense Face Balm and rose quartz Gua Sha in the evening is non-negotiable. Brushing my teeth twice daily is absolutely non-negotiable. I simply look at my daily practice the same way. I may be devoted to six meditations at this time, but my JapJi Sahib practice is my Non-Negotiable. I have been practicing for 330 consecutive days as I write this and have never felt devotion in my life as I do to this practice. It has entirely upgraded my being! The other five meditations are also important to me, but I don’t beat myself up if the day has come and gone without my doing them - which has been the case twice in the two months since I picked them up. 

Like I said, your Non-Negotiable doesn’t have to be a long, convoluted thing that feels like work. I meditate as much as I do because I want to and your daily practice should always work for you. Start with a three minute meditation as your Non-Negotiable practice and (maybe) pick another short meditation to include alongside it when you have extra time to love on yourself or if you need a boost. Then do the practice every. single. day. That is is how begin to experience your grace, your divinity, your infinity. And when you begin to experience yourself in this way, you don’t need a guru, a shaman, or anyone at all to tell you what is true, because you are experiencing truth.  


If you are seeking guidance in creating a daily practice + toolbox of practices to serve you, I so look forward to connecting over a One-on-One Session! Note: I have just two spaces left until 2017 and am only available for the next two days (until December 21st) for One-on-One Sessions. I’ll be re-opening my sessions in the New Year with more focused, varied offerings.