The Radiant Body

The Kundalini Yoga lineage teaches that we possess more than merely a physical body, that we instead contain ten Light Bodies: our one physical body, plus three mental bodies and six energy bodies. Each Light Body contribute specific gifts when strong and can lead to “deficit tendencies” when weak or imbalanced. Our outermost body, the Radiant Body or 10th Body, creates the seal for our entire system and boosts the energy of the other nine Light Bodies. A strong Radiant Body gives us royalty, radiance, and nobility. It projects a magnetic resonance that attracts goodness and repels anything that does not serve you. It is also sometimes called the Divine Shield for this reason. When underdeveloped, we have a tendency to compare ourselves to others, engage in polarity thinking, feel unable to conquer fears, and are ineffective. 

When I first learned about the ten Light Bodies, I was most fascinated by the Radiant Body because I was always inspired by the people who could walk into any room and command the energy without saying a word. I had always secretly wanted that experience for myself and so I set out to experiment with my own radiance.

"If you understand that you are Ten Bodies, and you are aware of those Ten Bodies, and you keep them in balance, the whole Universe will be in balance with you." ~ Yogi Bhajan

Sadhana :: Just the act of committing to a Sadhana (daily practice) boosts your Radiant Body. Being able to commit and follow through is a quality of someone with a strong 10th Body. As I write this on my 312th consecutive day devoted my own Sadhana, I can say that a devoted daily practice will completely change you and your life. If you’re seeking this kind of practice but don’t know where to start, I look forward to connecting over a one-on-one session to formulate a custom daily practice that works for you to clear subconcious blocks, beliefs, and behaviors while building energy and reconnecting you to your power + intution. 

Ajai Alai Mantra :: The Ajai Alai sound current is a powerful tool for building your Radiant Body. I love to play it while I sleep, when I craft skincare, or if I create space for an evening of devoted self-care. Each Frankincense Beauty Balm is chanted over many, many times with this mantra to bring radiance to whoever uses it. I also silently recite the mantra anytime I feel unsure of myself or the situation I’m in (ex: when walking alone late at night or when in an uncomfortable conversation/confrontation) to quickly gain clarity as to how I can move forward with grace. In my personal practice, I use this mantra for forty to ninety days at a time whenever I have been feeling depleted. In my experience, it helped clear my skin and made me feel more beautiful than ever. 

“Memorize this mantra by heart and start chanting it, and see the situation solved and the opposition dissolved right in your presence. Rather than arguing, questioning, answering and talking, just start chanting mentally. See what happens. I am not telling you that you will not face difficulties, because it's the faculty of the moon to wax and wane; but whenever you are waxing and waning, and you are being attacked in one way or the other, start chanting it. You will excel." - Yogi Bhajan

Wearing White :: Dressing in white clothing made of natural fibers is an easy way to instantly boost your radiance by helping to reflect light throughout your field. It has been said that white clothing extends your aura three feet.

Leaving The Hair Un-Cut :: The hair governs the 10th body. When we cut it periodically, it focuses energy on re-growth instead of allowing that energy to flow to the Radiant Body. “The hair was the first technique to raise the Kundalini energy. When the hair is at its natural full length and coiled over the anterior fontanel for men or the posterior fontanel for women, it draws pranic energy into the spine. The force of this downward positive energy causes the Kundalini energy to rise for balance. Actually the hair was so important that the word for consciousness, kundalini, actually derives from kundal which means ‘a coil of the beloved’s hair’” (Yogi Bhajan). 

SMILE :: I personally feel that smiling, expressing joy and gratitude, is one of the fastest and most effective ways to experience yourself as more radiant. In my life, the most beautiful people are the most joyful people. Recently, I’ve had multiple encounters with strangers who approach me to tell me that I’m beautiful. Every single time it’s because I smiled at them. And while receiving compliments from strangers isn’t why I cultivate radiance, it always serves to strengthen my conviction that these practices absolutely do work. 

I also included some links to meditations that strengthen the 10th Body, should you feel called to experiment with your own radiance.

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