Sadhana as Skin Care

More and more frequently, I’m experiencing people who actually don’t believe me when I tell them that I suffered with acne for over a decade. And still, every time, I am surprised. Even though I can look in a mirror and see that my skin has totally transformed, even though the physical scars are gone — I am still healing, still clearing away the self-sabotaging beliefs, behaviors, thought patterns, and hidden agendas that were programmed through my experience growing up with acne. It's all a practice, one that I am deeply grateful for. 

Another truth about my skin that people often don’t believe? That I healed it through Kundalini Yoga. I see why people feel skeptical — I used to feel that way, too. But after over a decade of acne, I was open to trying anything. When one of my teachers fully credited her luminous complexion to her Sadhana (daily practice), I knew I had to experiment. I figured: I didn't have anything to lose. 

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It wasn’t just my skin that became clear and radiant, it was my whole projection. I learned early on in adolescence to “fake it till you make it” with my self-confidence about my appearance and had been faking it all my life, up until about a year and half ago when I began practicing my Sadhana with consistency and determination. For the first time ever, the confidence was real. The radiance was real. I saw myself and was seen by others. It felt like a miracle. It wasn’t though - it was the practice. The main causes of my acne were: self-rejection, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, poor nutrition, and an inability to stop touching/picking my face. Kundalini Yoga addressed all of these and so much more — it’s incredible for hormonal issues because it works directly with the endocrine system by stimulating specific glands. It’s also great for stress-relief and strengthens the nervous system, (almost) entirely eradicating my anxiety. Through my practice, I explore my infinity, divinity, and grace, allowing me to push through self-rejection and into a space of self-love and acceptance. Because I love and accept myself and my needs, I consciously choose to nourish my body with the highest quality food I can and to treat my skin with pure love (i.e., no picking and only the best, simple products). The Frankincense Beauty Balm was entirely conceived during my daily practice and is charged with the vibration of the mantras I sing in meditation — one of the reasons it works so miraculously. When applying the balm, I am using mantras from my daily practice to create a sort of meditation on my own beauty and radiance as a woman. The best part about all of it is that it works for me. For too long, I worked so damn hard to feel beautiful. Now, my practice is working for me and the beauty feels effortless. My skin isn’t perfect because nothing in life is, but the radiance is still effortless even when an absolutely clear complexion isn’t, serving as a gentle reminder that our beauty is so much more than the state of our skin. 

If you're seeking to create a Sadhana (daily practice) to serve your own radiance and prosperity, I look forward to connecting over a one-on-one session